Collegium Musicum Riga

Period instruments

The name of the baroque orchestra COLLEGIUM MUSICUM RIGA has been borrowed from an orchestra that performed in Riga in the 17th century. The existing orchestra was founded in year 1990 by Maris Kupčs, who is one of the most determined researchers of Baroque and Classicism music in Latvia. He is also involved in the education of young musicians, enthusiastically drawing their attention to the unique magnificence and virtuosity of the Baroque music. Since 2004, the Baroque Orchestra is complete 20 people baroque orchestra who play historical instruments, according to the historical interpretation and this is the only in Latvia.

The Baroque orchestra Collegium Musicum Riga and conductor Māris Kupčs have been nominated for The Great Music Award in categories ‘Musical Group of the year’ (2010) and ‘Outstanding work throughout the year’ (2017). In the year 2012, CD Music in Riga 1570-1800 has been nominated for Latvian Music Record of the Year award. 

A specific priority is our own Latvian territory written 17th and 18th century music, which the conductor Māris Kupčs with a relentless interest are searching in the archives in Latvia and all Europe. Staged a number of significant premieres – J. A. Hiller – opera Die Jagd, Latvian cantata Ta Simtaa Dzeesma (100. Psalm), G. M. Telemann Wie bin ich doch so herzlich froh, F. A. Veichtner opera Cyrrus und Casandea, J. V. Meder St. Mattew passion and many other pieces that without these searches would be lost. Also played in the all-time most popular baroque masterpieces – J. S. Bach (cantatas 21, 36, 62, 106, Bauern, Peasant), G. F. Handel Wassermusik, A. Vivaldi Bassoon concert e-moll and many others.