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Māris Kupčs

Māris Kupčs started his musical career as a choral conductor, later focusing on orchestra and opera repertoire. 

Collegium Musicum Riga

The existing orchestra was founded in year 1990 by Maris Kupčs, who is one of the most determined researchers of Baroque and Classicism music in Latvia.

Collegium Choro Musici Riga

The Baroque choir Collegium Choro Musici Riga was founded in late 2010 and inspired by a particularly successful performance of Claudio Monteverdi’s Vespro della Beata Vergine on November 7, 2010, in Riga. 

Neymann Ensemble

The Neymann Ensemble (Latvia, Austria, Italy) was founded in 2015 and debuted at the Riga Historical Music and Dance Festival. 

Stadt-Hautboisten Riga

The Stadt-Hautboisten Riga historical woodwind ensemble was founded in 2013, giving its first concert at the Riga Historical Music and Dance Festival. 

Maija Kļaviņa & Gertruda Jerjomenko

Elīna Šimkus – soprano

Ilze Grēvele-Skaraine – soprano

Monta Martinsone – soprano

Sergejs Jēgers – countertenor

Ansis Bētiņš – tenor

Rinalds Kandalincevs – baritone

Edgars Skarbulis – bass


Riga Historical Music and Dance Festival

The Riga Historical Music and Dance Festival is a beautiful element of the cultural scene in Riga, Latvia and the entire Baltic region that is becoming more and more ambitious with each new edition. Every year, it delights more than 5000 listeners and masterclass participants in various significant historical concert venues throughout the city with performances by some of the most lauded chamber music ensembles, vivid productions of historical operas, refined court music and dances, and riches from our own legacy of 16th– to 18th-century music composed within the borders of present-day Latvia.

Vivat Curlandia!

For already the fifth time, early music instruments, historical dress, opera by candlelight, superb medieval music groups from abroad and local early music practitioners will turn the Latvian town of Bauska into a place where one can see, hear and feel what everyday life was like for people in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Early Baroque period through a vivid celebration of early music – the Vivat Curlandia! music and arts festival devoted to the time when the Kettler dynasty ruled in the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia.

Gadsimtu mūzika

Early music festival in Latgale region. We will be glad to see you next season – in the year 2021.